Kyle Yount
web designer

This is me.

Welcome! You are visiting the personal website of myself, Kyle Yount. Here you can find examples of my current and previous web creations. With over a decade of applied interests and curiosity paired with a college education, I work hard to achieve excellence in both web design and development.

My Background:

Some learned to type in a classroom or through a popular lesson software such as Mavis Beacon. Being exposed to computers at an early age I learned to type simply through immersion. This early exposure to technology had me set on a path of self-teaching; what started as a hobby of messing around with animated gifs to post on my favorite Nintendo internet forum lead into a serious interest into understanding how these web and imaging technologies worked. Upon highschool graduation, I was already taking community college courses in interactive media, which sparked a focused interest in programming when I enrolled in a university. As much as I enjoyed programming, I could not deny my passion for the arts and was struggling to find my place in a technological profession. However, upon my final graduation, backed with my education and experience, I re-discovered my love for design and realized just how perfect a career in web development fit my experience. My goal is to grow as a professional and do what I love to do most: make cool things.

My Style:

I focus largely on simplicity and functionality. I believe the best way to make something look great is to not overthink it. I care about color coordination, and ease of navigation; using familiar design elements to guide the user with as little confusion as possible. I love responsive buttons and I believe that a mobile-first design strategy is necessary for today's web design. These things cannot be ignored.

Technologies Used: